PowerStop Power Plug Locks


offer state-of-the-art power cord safety locks that turns off the power at the
source — the plug.

Protect children from dangerous electrical tools and appliances, such as
saws, drills, fans, heaters, blenders, toasters, and more.  Power cord locks
help prevent accidents. With a lock attached to the plug of any electrical tool,
appliance or equipment, it is impossible to activate the device.

Parental Control
Use the locks with TVs, video games, and stereos for greater parental
control over excessive electronic media.

Business Use
Protect valuable equipment from unauthorized use, such as power tools,
computers, business equipment, copiers, and postage meters.

Now Three Types to Choose From:


The Plug
Blok is a combination lock solution so no keys to hide.

  • You
    set the three-digit combination.
  • 1000
    possible combinations.
  • Very
    solid construction, made of metal.
  • Fits
    standard two or three pronged plugs used in North America.

Very easy
to setup and use. No keys to hide or loose. 

Lock A

The Lock A
Plug is sturdy, strong, and reliable. Basically, the most secure, industrial
solution available

The lock
comes with everything you need to secure the power cord.  Including the padlock
and two keys. If you buy additional units, they will be keyed the same.

Regular:  L 3.5", W 2", H 2"
(Fits standard two or three pronged plugs used in North America.)

L 6.75", W 3", H 3"
Fits standard two or three pronged plugs used in North America plus this size is
perfect for multiple plugs, large industrial plugs or plugs with transformers on

PowerStop Power
Plug Lock

This unit
has the lock built right in. Not the most secure option. Fits standard two or
three pronged plugs used in North America.

  1. To
    unlock, insert key and turn 90 degrees clockwise
  2. Insert
    plug fully into PowerStop
  3. To
    lock, turn key 90 degrees counterclockwise and remove key. Power cord is now

PowerStop Lock will come with 2 identical keys that will fit all the PowerStop
Plug Locks that we sell. Contact us for replacement keys and locks that require
different keys.

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buy all that stuff at http: